Yesterday was a big day for Samsung loyalists as the company announced both the Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge+, despite being impressive, both devices lacked some essentials such as the ability to expand storage and the ability to remove the battery. However, we do have a good news today but with slight catch. Seems like Samsung Galaxy Note 5 will have another variant that will support microSD expansion, but before you can get stoked, you should know that this variant will be a dual-SIM one and will be limited to Chinese consumers. The second SIM slot can double up for microSD card slot.


For those who are wondering why Samsung won’t release the said variant in US, the answer is rather simple; Samsung is hellbent on making sure that the company’s relationship with US carriers is good, considering how a large part of success is because of these carriers. Provided Samsung releases the variant in US, it could risk their relationship with the carriers because the consumers would eventually want to use the 2nd SIM slot, be it for adding in a different SIM or for the sake of microSD card slot.

Whatever the case is, it’s confirmed that the Galaxy Note 5’s dual-SIM variant won’t be coming to US as well as other markets that are largely run by the carriers.



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