When it comes to stock keyboards, no doubt that Sony has one of the best stock keyboard that offers a lot of goodies and really good when it comes to auto correct as well as the overall typing speed. However, there is one small thing that bothers us about the Xperia keyboard is the design language. The design of the Xperia keyboard is the same across all the devices, some people might not consider it as an issue but when you look at other design facets of the phone and the keyboard itself, it makes you wonder Why Sony never bothered to update the keyboard to match the material design, considering how almost all the Sony exclusive apps are rocking the material design.

Well for those who have this issue, there’s a simple workaround that can let you have the Xperia keyboard with material design. However, there is a slight catch, you just have to make sure that your phone is rooted and has a working recovery as well as the SuperUser mod installed. You can checkout the complete details here.

  • Based on the latest Xperia™ keyboard 6.7.A.0.86
  • Numeric Keys Row added for all Languages (can switch OTG)
  • Exact Dark and Light Material Skin Achieved (color codes extracted from the latest Google Keyboard for
    key text,buttons,popups,accent color,etc)
  • Initial Support For All DPI Devices
  • Experimental Support For JB,CM Users.
  • Flashable Zip added for Users having trouble Installing.
  • New icon
  • Much ,much more

The mod doesn’t do anything when it comes to tinkering with the operations of the keyboard, however, it does change the appearance to the Material design found in Google keyboard. The mod is available in both light and dark colours. You can checkout some of the screenshots below.


This mod was created by an XDA member Rumman Sheikh and is really helpful for people who are willing to change the appearance of stock Xperia keyboard. Do keep in mind that this works on CM12/Kitkat/Lollipop. You can find the download links and additional information by heading to the link.