Microsoft officially launched the new Windows 10 and turns out its way better than Windows 8 and Microsoft even announced a free Windows 10 upgrade for all Windows 8 users. Some of our readers have already upgraded their Windows while there are some who haven’t updated yet. Being a Windows 10 user I know how it feels if you have a good looking Wallpaper set. So, We have gathered a collection top 15 4K Windows 10 Wallpapers. In case you are not familiar with 4K wallpapers. Well, 4K wallpapers have a resolution of 3840 x 2160 and they offer 4 times clearer image than 1080p. The 1080p wallpapers are called Full HD and 4K wallpapers are called UHD or Ultra HD. These wallpapers are well suited for all screen sizes and you can use it on your Windows as well on your MAC.

Here are some of the wallpapers. If you want to download the complete collection then you need to download the 4K wallpapers zip file.

Windows_10_4k_Wallpapers-1 Windows_10_4k_Wallpapers-7 Windows_10_4k_Wallpapers-9 Windows_10_4k_Wallpapers-10 Windows_10_4k_Wallpapers-11 Windows_10_4k_Wallpapers-12 Windows_10_4k_Wallpapers-13 Windows_10_4k_Wallpapers-14 Windows_10_4k_Wallpapers-15


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