YouTube recently launched its gaming app that helps the users who use Twitch on phone have a better experience, before we start talking about this app, let’s talk about what’s been Google been up to. Right now, Google is firing on all fours in order to go against Twitch, the biggest online video games streaming service, speaking of Twitch, it has an insane amount of audience and was recently purchased by Amazon. However, that doesn’t stop Google from trying its best to win the people over.

Enough history lessons, Google is planning on launching on app called YouTube Gaming somewhere later this year, but a test version is leaked and after thoroughly testing it, it can be said that the app is looking good and have a bright future. For those who can’t wait and want to try out the app, they can do that by going to the link here and installing it as you install any other APK. The app itself is way better than YouTube’s own app.

Here’s the official website.


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