Who remembers the original Homefront that came out almost 4 years ago? The game received mixed reviews and was deemed as an ambitious project with several shortcomings. Well, the game is making a return again and will be known as Homefront: The Revolution, the game is being developed and published by Deep Silver and will be based on one of the most resourceful engines known as the Crytek engine that has powered some of the most beautiful looking games including the original Far Cry as well as the Crysis franchise.

For those who are wondering if Homefront: The Revolution will be a sequel, the answer is yes. The game will be set 4 years after the events of the original game and will be pitting players against the Korean army who invades Philadelphia. You can checkout the trailer below.

Apart from the impressive game-play trailer, we also have our hand on some new screen-shots, you can check them out below.

1438749707-homefront-the-revolution-1 (1) 1438749707-homefront-the-revolution-4 1438749708-homefront-the-revolution-2 1438749709-homefront-the-revolution-5



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