For those who have had their fair share of time with Witcher 3 and for those who are still busy in exploring the wonderful world of Witcher, we have a news; a new tweak has been created that removes all level requirements that are imposed on the Witcher gear. In simpler words, if your favourite Witcher gear requires you to have a level 36, you can easily utilise it at any level.

Some people might think that it’s cheat, however, do keep in mind that Witcher gear is the most powerful and rare gear in the game and to obtain the entire set, you’d have to scour your way through the dangers of the wild and obtain the diagrams. Now imagine imagine fighting a powerful enemy and finally obtaining the diagrams only to realise that you can’t use them simply because you’re not ‘worthy’ enough. Well, you don’t have to worry anymore as this tweak removes these hurdles so you can enjoy the game as it is. You don’t need much, simply download the tweak and install it. The rest will be taken care of.


Here’s a slight insight on the tweak.

The Problem

Although most equipment characteristics are easily moddable in TW3, minimum level is not.  I In fact, it’s computed programmatically based upon an item’s base statistics.  That makes changing it problematic.

It’s as if CDPR is saying “you can change whatever you want about our game, except DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT EQUIPPING THAT MASTERCRAFTED WOLF SWORD UNTIL YOU’RE LEVEL 34, YOU EVIL, EVIL MODDER”.  But I digress.

And then even after discovering a way to work around the games restrictions, it turns out that the de-facto tool for importing mods back into the game has a bug that prevents it from reimporting large XML files.  Such as the one that’s used to define all of the Witcher Gear/Crafting Items.  Argh!

The Solution (v2)

Understanding how the programmatic minimum level computation works is the key.  Specifically, it only takes into account a item’s ‘base’ statistic level (the relevant statistics being ‘SilverDamage’ for silver swords, ‘SlashingDamage’ for steel swords, and ‘armor’ for all armor items).  

However, the XML syntax allows for an item’s ‘base’ statistics to be amended both by adding scalar values or applying multipliers.  This, it turns out, is the answer.  To remove the minimum level requirements from any item, all you have to do is reduce its relevant ‘base’ statistic to 1, and then use an ‘add’ directive to raise the value back to its original setting.  

This removes the minimum level requirement, while keeping the equipment statistics that will apply in-game exactly the same as they originally were.

That solves the main problem.  The next issue is dealing with quickbms’s stubborn refusal to reimport large XML files.  Long story short, I wrote my own Java program (bundle-explorer) to do it.  It not only can reimport large XML files, but it also gets around quickbms’s inability to increase the total file/bundle size.

You can get full information from here as well as the download links.



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