Batman Arkham Knight is no doubt a great game that is currently suspended on PC due to several performance issues that plague random users. However, that doesn’t stop the modders from tinkering with the game files to bring you some really intriguing mods; we reported a mod earlier that allowed the users to play with any character in the game, today we have something similar, while this mod doesn’t do much on the innovation, it lets you play as none-other-than Batman’s trusted butler; Alfred Pennyworth. Yes, you heard it right, the hands that served food will now beat the living hell out of thugs.

Like stated before, the mod doesn’t do much of an innovation because the voice is still Bruce Wayne’s (Kevin Conroy can pull off an Alfred too) and the move-set is very limited, according to the owner; Alfred can’t perform any counter-attacks, dual take-downs or environmental take-downs. However, this doesn’t stop him from beating thugs to a pulp. You can checkout the video below

For more information, you can checkout the official thread.


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