Earlier today we published an article regarding the controversy that surrounds the PC version of Batman Arkham Knight and how the game performs on rigs that are powerful enough to handle the game. Do keep in mind that the sales are still suspended on Steam and the game is most likely to come back on PC in September. However, if you are one of the several PC gamers who still have the game installed and are willing to play it on a playable frame-rate without giving away too many features, you’re at home.

There is a small utility that allows you to configure and tweak the ini file for Batman, this utility is made so the users can easily do some tweaking without getting lost in the available details in the config file.

You can download the file from here and run it, make sure the game is installed because the file won’t work otherwise. Once you have launched the program, you’ll be presented with a new window with a lot of options. Thankfully, the options are pretty much self-explanatory. Since the tool also depends on your PC specs, you can experiment with different settings. However, we have a preset that you choose to go with for the best possible experience.


For more information, check out the source.


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