A lot of people might not know but the ability to record your screen is a god send, the feature is already available on Android by default but as for other operating systems such as Mac, the feature isn’t available by default. Before we start discussing how you can obtain the feature on your Mac OS. let’s discuss how screen recording is an important thing.

Screen recording can play a major role in several different aspects, for instance; if a colleague or a friend has their hands on a Mac and they are having issues setting it up, you can simply do a screen record and show them how to setup their newly bought computer. This is just one example of how screen recording is really useful and there are plenty of others.

Speaking of the apps you can use to record your screen on Mac, look no further than Movavi. In case you are wondering why; it’s fairly simple, Movavi is basically one of the best screen recording apps that are available and it is filled with features, you get a number of impress options such as the ability to add watermarks, resize your videos, adding titles and a lot more.

Movavi is simple and easy to use, once you are done installing it, you will find an extremely easy to use and user friendly. You can check more details by visiting the official website.


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