Google Play Services 7.8.95 is now available for all Android devices and is an important part of Android. If you don’t know anything what Google Play Services actually do, Well, these services allow the other Apps to get updated automatically via Google Play Store and it is also required for apps to work. If you have installed a custom firmware recently then you must need to install it on your device otherwise most of the apps will start having consistent crashes and that is why Google today released the new update. The new update is 7.85.9 is already on the roll but those are anxiously waiting to install it can download and install the APK manually.

How to Download and Install Google Play Services 7.8.95

  • Download the latest Google Play Services 7.8.95.
  • Copy it on your phone.
  • Make sure you have turned on ‘Unknown sources’. If not then go to Settings > Security > Unknown sources.
  • Use the file explorer to browse to the location you have placed the apk.
  • Tap it and it’ll install itself.
  • Once it’s installed, reboot your device.

Once your phone is rebooted, you will have the latest Google Play Services up and running.


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