Good news for all the fans waiting for the next Mafia game, we have an official confirmation that Mafia III is official, this announcement was made on the game’s Facebook page that shows us that first image of the game showing 4 characters; a female and 3 males (Supposedly playable characters). The game has been on the rumour mill for quite some while and it’s finally happening. There isn’t much information available right now but it’s safe to say that the game exists.

According to the Facebook page, the game will be fully revealed on 5th August, later this year along with the first trailer; we’re hoping to have our hands on more details in coming days. Till then, make sure you’re tuned in for all the latest information on Mafia III and other happenings in the gaming world. Mafia III will supposedly make its way to PC, PS4 and Xbox One, we can’t say much about the release date but we are hoping for a late 2015 or an early 2016 for the game.


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