The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt is undoubtedly one of the best looking games out in the market right now but with great, ground breaking visuals come excessive hunger for resources. The Witcher 3 is pretty much what the original Crysis was back in 2007 in terms of graphical supremacy. And if you are a gamer on a budget, then you just can’t play Witcher 3 properly. However, there are some tweaks out on the internet that let you play Witcher 3 with decent framerate by toning down the visuals.

A recent tweak has been discovered by Tekmage that lets you play Witcher 3 without giving away too much. Sure, the game doesn’t look as good as it is supposed to be but as the saying go, ‘a true gamer will never judge the game by its visuals’. Checkout the complete description of the tweak below as well as the screen shots.


I wanted to share this with people who are struggling to find settings that allow them to play the game without enormous compromises in the way the game looks.  Adjust as you see fit.  Just remember to set the file as read only every time you make adjustments. The resolution is set at 1184×648 which is a 16:9 ratio so change it to suit your monitor. Any changes to the ingame menu will reset the .ini file so I suggest you change it before copying in this .ini file. I set Post Processing to all off except Bloom. All settings under graphics should be low or none. This file should go in documents/the witcher3 directory. Your default user.ini file should be there. Backup the old and replace with this one.

7-19-15  Something I discovered today and noted in the comments. If you use AMD, try using override application settings for both tessellation and anisotropic filtering and putting both on 2x.  The game runs very smooth and I’ve set the user.ini settings to near default levels.  *Update* I just confirmed the fps boost when you do this on both the dual core AMD and also on my laptop.  What I would suggest is to use the modified user.ini and ratchet it up to near default levels til you are content with the way it’s running on your system. 

My system specs: HP Envy m6-k010dx 15.6″ Sleekbook Custom AMD A-10 5745 2.1 ghz (2.9 Turbo core) CPU,8 gigs DDR3 1866 SDRAM,AMD Radeon discrete class 8610G 768mb (up to 3 gigs for video),1 TB 7200 RPM Toshiba HD, Win 8.1.


Here are the mod files If performance is your main concern then use this file.

For Dual Core

Or if you want appearance as well then this one

For Normal Use



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