The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt is a beautiful game and the latest Patch 1.07 makes it more stable and optimized but still it has many issues that needs to be addressed especially the various combat bugs that sometimes makes the game’s combat very annoying. One of the combat bug is the Rend Skill bug. The Rend Skill attacks should be stronger than the normal attacks and if its charged then it should make a massive damage but right now the output is completely opposite. Sometimes, the attacks is even weaker than the normal attack.

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This issue is even discussed on the official CDProjektRed forums but so far there is no update on it. However, a Nexus Mod member Ebin3m made a fix for this problem. He created a small mod that tweaks the Rend Skill and now it have 1.5x normal strong attack damage output. If you want to install this mod then you need to follow the steps below:

1- Download Rend Fix.rar file and extract it.
2- Copy quickbms folder, Rend Fix folder and to : game directory\content\patch0\bundles
3- Backup patch.bundle file in bundles folder.
4- open quickbms folder and open reimport. Select . Select patch.bundle in bundles folder. open Rend Fix Folder and click Save.

Now, Play the game. The Rend Fix has been successfully applied. If you are stuck at any point let us know in the comments.