In a world that basically works on communication, emails are the integral part of carrying out our daily communications. Despite the fact that many think that emails are slowly going extinct, they are not; while a large part of communication relies on texting and calls, emails are still standing strong and are as useful and even more than before these days. The only beef with emails is that while the veterans know how to get their way with the emailing clients, people who are relatively new to this are still lost between the menus they have to go through just so they can send their email.

To make sure this problem doesn’t stay, Microsoft released a new app called Send, the app allows users to send emails as if they are sending texts; the main purpose of this app is to make sure the entire process of sending emails is made easy. You don’t have to add in signature lines or subjects, it is as easy to use as any other texting app.

Here’s what Microsoft has to say about this post.

These are the sort of quick emails you send to the people you care about at work—your boss, your teammates, and sometimes partners or customers outside your organization. You’re usually busy or on the go when you send them, and Send is specifically designed for this get-in get-out scenario.

Microsoft Send is currently iPhone exclusive but will be coming to Android and Windows Phone soon. Stay tuned for more information.