Fans of Nvidia and people who are waiting for massively overclocked versions of GTX 980 Ti can rejoice, the K|NGP|N edition of GTX 980 Ti is coming, the name is exclusive to EVGA and these cards are made with the collaboration of Kingpin cooling and EVGA.

The card is a result of collaboration between EVGA and K|NG|P|N and the official pictures are out and there’s only one way to describe the card and that’s ‘MASSIVE’. You can start feasting your eyes over this gorgeous work of art.



Sadly we don’t have any details on the upcoming GPU, however, you can see that the card uses two 8 pin power connectors and one 6 pin power connector. It goes without saying this card will be extremely power hungry and will be absolute crusher.


As you can see, the card will be carrying extra weight; the card comes with six copper pipes that are undoubtedly thicker than what we usually get to see, the best part about this variation of GTX 980 Ti is that the heatsink fins are actually made out of copper, this is because copper is better when it comes to cooling down the GPU.


EVGA didn’t reveal anything about pricing or the availability but it’s pretty obvious to say that it will cost considerably more than what other variants in the market cost right now. Stay tuned for more information.

Checkout the complete gallery here.