While the PC version of Batman Arkham Knight still suffers from performance issues and suspended sales, the update for the PS4 version of Batman Arkham Knight is out and it weighs less than 200 megabytes, the update adds the support for the upcoming Batgirl DLC, the update is currently seeding out in all the regions.

The Batgirl DLC will be rolling out tomorrow to everyone who has the season pass, for those who don’t know; it is a prequel that will feature Batgirl and Robin alongside Joker and Harley Quinn as the main antagonists. The DLC is named ‘A Matter of Family’.

Batman Arkham Knight is currently out on PS4 and Xbox One and will release on PC this fall once all the fixes have been applied.



  1. I hate these worthless updates. Just to add DLC support? why didn’t the DLC just come with the update in it? Its bs!


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