Few year ago this would have been 'state of the art'

We all know Witcher 3 to be an incredibly gorgeous and detailed game but have you wondered what the game would look like if you get rid of all the cool bells and whistles that make the game look so gorgeous? You haven’t, simply because imagining one of the best looking and best playing games out there as an extremely toned down version would make you feel bad, at least that happened to us.

Seems like someone went ahead and had enough audacity do it, but we won’t be blaming the NexusMod user Hasukiii, simply because he wanted to play the game and his laptop wasn’t powerful enough to run the game. According to the user, he created a mod after spending several hours; tinkering with the game config files. The mod makes the game look horrendous but at least you get stable enough frames after that.

And you thought PS2 era ended

Yes, that is the exact game that is giving high end PCs a hard time. If you are wondering what exactly does this mod do, then checkout the official description below:

What it does:
It basicly disables everything that looks remotely good and turns every possible setting down, even further then W3HC – Witcher 3 Hunter’s Config allows. If you are familiar with Gothic 1 and 2, that’s how everything will look like, more or less. But you wouldn’t be here if it bothers you, would you? This config file uses a very, very low resolution setting (800×480), if you have issues with your eyesight, then it’s probaly better to skip this mod or increase the resolution manualy. Just take in mind, that an increased resolution might eat up quiet a few FPS.

Take in mind that…

– You will probaly notice alot of weird shadow pop-in and, mostly outdoor, shadows that move with your character. This happens because the view distance of the shadows is greatly reduced.
– The Resolution, as I mentioned, is very, very low. (800×480) If you have a few spare FPS, then increase the Resolution.
– The text will be almost unreadable. Seriously, it’s god awfuly hard to read because of the resolution. Increase it if you can!
– Pop-ins everywhere.
– There’s almost no texture on armor, most notably.
– You probaly should tweak the Resolution.
– Don’t expect anything fancy. 🙁

Few year ago this would have been 'state of the art'
Few year ago this would have been ‘state of the art’

Checkout the instructions below to know how to install the mod.

  • Download the file from here and extract it.
  • Navigate to the path where you have Witcher installed. It looks like this; \The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt\bin\config\base.
  • From that folder, back up rendering.ini and keep it somewhere safe.
  • Copy the rendering.ini you extracted in the first folder and paste it there.
  • Now go to  C:\Users\(Username)\Documents\The Witcher 3 and back up user.settings.bak and User Config.
  • Copy the User Config from the file you extracted earlier and paste it in the folder, overwrite if asked.

Do keep in mind that you must set both files to read only otherwise the settings will be changed to low. In case you want to revert back to the original state, simply copy the files you backed up and paste them in their designated locations.



  1. “Few year ago this would have been ‘state of the art’”

    Uh, no. Let’s just call a “few” three years ago. That was 2012. I’ve seen better looking games on the PS2, according to those screenshots. It looks like a early 00s PC game to me. Which is cool. Gives people a chance to play the game even if your computer isn’t all that new. Even I didn’t buy it for the PC because I didn’t quite meet the minimum specs.


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