After the release of Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge, the company is preparing the Galaxy Note 5 that will be carrying the features from the Galaxy S6 and will also come with its own new features but then again, what features are we looking at? Recently, some renders of Galaxy Note 5 were leaked and seems like the phone looks like an enlarged Galaxy S6 but since the phone was in case, it was hard to tell what we were looking at.

The picture was leaked by, you can check it out below.


So far the reports have been telling us that the Galaxy Note 5 will be built using the same material that was used in the Galaxy S6 and will feature a unibody, means that teh Galaxy Note 5 won’t be featuring removable battery or micro SD card slot, this may be a bummer for those who like to squeeze all of their music collection or their videos in the phone but then again, the Galaxy S6 was available in several different storage options and we are sure that the same case will be following the Galaxy Note 5.

Another rumour about the Galaxy Note 5 is that the phone will be featuring some kind of mechanism that will eject the stylus on itself. This proof was made more concrete when Samsung’s patent revealed the same thing along with a blueprint. More details here.




Seems like the display of the Galaxy Note 5 will be at least 6 inches and will be coming with a 2k (QHD) resolution as compared to the 4K (UHD) resolution that was also rumoured. Samsung loves to be on the top when it comes to using the technologies on their phone but the idea of having a 4k resolution display that will only be 6 inches in size seems a bit too far-fetched. This is mainly because 2k display is more than enough for the naked eye on such a screen size, not to mention the mass-production of 4k displays won’t be an easy task.

Release Date and Price

Samsung has a tradition of revealing the Note phones at IFA, Note 3 and Note 4 were revealed at IFA as well, but considering how the Samsung will be launching Samsung Pay in September, just in time for IFA, we are hoping that we would finally have the official glimpse at Galaxy Note 5 at IFA 2015, later this year in September.

As for the price, the speculations suggest that the Galaxy Note 5 will cost around $1,000 off contract, this is mainly because the Galaxy Note Edge was introduced around $1,000 and the same went for Galaxy S6 Edge, this only leads to the speculation that the Galaxy Note 5 will also cost around the same.


The Galaxy Note 5 will be having some impressive camera specifications, this isn’t surprising considering how Samsung is known for using the best of the best tech in their flagship cameras. There will probably be a wide angle camera in the Galaxy Note 5 that will be using an 8 mega pixel sensor, as for the rear camera; users can expect a 16 megapixel camera at minimum with OIS (Optical Image Stabilisation)


How can one simply go without speculating specifications? The Galaxy Note 5 will supposedly come with an updated Exynos 7422, probably 4 gigs of RAM and an probably a battery over 3,000 mAh. However, considering the specifications we are looking at, the Galaxy Note 4 will be a powerhouse that will have excessive battery needs. Whatever the situation is, let’s see what more is to come about this highly awaited phone. We are also hoping for a Type C USB connector for charging. 

IP certification might be a long shot in the dark but we would love to see Samsung releasing the Galaxy Note 5 with dust and water protection.

Final Words

If Samsung is planning on revealing the Note 5 in September then we are 2 months away from the reveal, however, we are still short on official details. Needless to say, Note 5 will be worth. Stay tuned for more news and leaks.





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