Few days ago we reported that Nvidia is planning on launching GTX 950 in near future along with a GTX 950 Ti. We can finally confirm that the GTX 950 is coming, sadly this can’t be said for the GTX 950 Ti but at least the people who are low on budget have something to look forward to. Like we reported previously, the GTX 950 will be based on Maxwell GM206-250.

GTX 950 will be coming in two versions; 2GB and 4GB of GDDR5 memory, it’s unconfirmed but GTX 950 might be coming with 128 bus bit interface. That being said, the GTX 960 and GTX 950 might only have the difference of CUDA cores and clock speed. We don’t have much details but we will be updating you in near future.

Another interesting news is that the GTX 950 will be coming with 3 Display Ports, HDMI and DVI connector, chances are that it will probably like GTX 960. The GPU will be released some time next week.