Hitman was announced back at the E3, 2015, so far we don’t have much information on the game but seems like IO Interactive is sending out invites to people who took surveys for Square Enix in recent months. Luckily, those who got the invites managed to play the alpha build of the game and they have revealed some really impressive things about the game along with some screen shots for your viewing pleasure.

Check out what the users of Reddit have to say about Hitman below.

Yeah, so far im really enjoying! I find it to be closer to blood money than it is to absolution so far. It also appears to be quite a fairly taxing game on the hardware… 2x gtx 660 ( doesnt not support sli yet).

Uniforms play a much more important role in this game atleast in this mission.

Many path choices:

-front entrance -DUHH

-climbing poles outside the building

-climb outside a window and jump from window to window hanging from a ledge

-go through the back underground staircases


-scaffolding ………and more




—-interactive envirnoments (firework displays, fire alarms, tampering with objects (breaking/loosening….etc) (multiple choices to tampering and it also requires tools to tamper with eg screwdriver,wrench…) poisoning food, hiding weapons in crates of food)

-loadouts are back (choose your suit, sideweapon, specials(poisons[lethal,non-lethal..]/bombs), suitcase weapon…..

-side missions that can make your mission easier; disable the small stock exchange meeting, take somebody out so a main target has to take their place….

The game also doesn’t have that feeling absolution had that made it feel like a very linear game, just with a couple of paths to get to the end.

Overall a very solid game!

Hitman will be released on PC, PS4 and Xbox One on December 8th, later this year. Stay tuned for more information. In case you have missed it, check out the trailer below.



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