Batman Arkham Knight is currently the hottest games that are available in the market right now; despite the controversies surrounding the game, it is still a solid contender for the prestigious game of the year award but we are not here to discuss which game will take the game of the year award. We are here to discuss the suits that are available at your disposal in Batman Arkham Knight and how to obtain them.

Do keep in mind that the game offers quite a lot of costumes that you can use, however, some of them are exclusive to platforms. Check out how to get every suit in Batman Arkham Knight.


Batsuit V7.43

This is the suit that is obtained in the beginning of the game and will be with Batman for quite some time, until players obtained the updated version of the suit, they will be unable to perform fear take downs, players will also be unable to eject into a glide from within the batmobile using this suit.

Batsuit V8.03

The improved version of the original suit is obtained in the initial stages of the game, unlike the previous version; this suit has a better overall interaction with the batmobile, it also allows a more fluid movement and this suit will also let players perform fear take downs. Lastly, this suit will show the wears and tears as the story will progress.

Batsuit V8.04

This suit is acquire once you beat the main story, there is no different between this and the V8.03 as they both are same in every aspect. However, this suit does not go through any wear and tear and will always stay in the condition it was when you first obtained it.

Anime Batman 

This Anime Batman skin is from the Gotham Knight series and can be obtained by simply logging into WB play. There are no additional perks in this skin, and you won’t be losing your ability to perform fear take downs or glide from within the batmobile; the skin is simply for cosmetic intent.

Classic Series Batman Skin

This skin comes directly from Rocksteady’s attempt at reinventing the iconic Adam West’s Batman, the costume comes straight from the 1960’s TV shows. You can get the costume right away if you are a PS4 owners as it is free of cost. The costume might be available for other platforms in near future, however, we can’t tell if it’ll be free or of charge.

Justice League 3000 Batman Skin

Another great skin is the Justice League 3000 Batman skin, just like the Classic Series Batman skin, this one is exclusive for PS4 users only and might make its way to PC and Xbox One users in near future.

1st Appearance Batman Skin

As the name suggests, this skin is based on Batman’s very first appearance in the Detective Comics, the skin comes with purple gloves and the ears on Batman’s mask are rather long and pointy. The skin is currently available to people who ordered the Serious edition and might make its way to other people in near future.

New 52 Batman Skin

The New 52 Batman skin is based on the recently DC comics, this pack comes with skins for Robin and Nightwing. Right now, the skin is just available for people who ordered the Limited Edition of the game, however, chances are that the skin will be available to be other users in near future.

Batman Earth 2 Skin

Batman Earth 2 skin is exclusive only to certain people who attended the E3 theatrical event. Considering how vouchers containing the codes for the skin. It’s pretty safe to say that the skin is only exclusive to certain people who attended the PlayStation E3 Experience.

Flashpoint Batman Skin

Remember the crazy looking Batman from Justice League Flashpoint Paradox? Yes, you can get the skin simply by purchasing the season pass for the Batman Arkham Knight. Do keep in mind that your character won’t magically transform into Thomas Wayne.

Batman Beyond and Dark Knight Returns

These 2 skins are based on the animated series that are set after the original animated series of Batman. However, they do come with Rocksteady’s own bells and whistles specially when it comes to the Batman Beyond skin which looks absolutely terrific and gives Batman the futuristic look he deserves. The other skin is based on Frank Miller’s the Dark Knight Returns. You’d need to buy Gotham’s Future skin pack that comes with the Steam version of the game.



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