After releasing GTX 980Ti recently, seems like Nvidia is not done with the 900 series line up; the company is said to be working on a two low-cost products that will be based on the second generation of Maxwell architecture, according to the expected reports, these graphics cards will come with the performance that will be on par with the already available GTX 960.


Both of the GPUs will be based on the toned down Maxwell architecture (GM206-250), for your information; the one used in GTX 960 is GM206-300. According to our source, the GPU will support all the latest graphic capabilities that are available in the graphic cards, the card will support DX 12.1 along with the other bells and whistles that you get.

However, as for the specifications; we are still not sure what Nvidia is planning on doing but it is fairly straightforward to say that the performance will be lesser than GTX 960, same goes for the cost. Nvidia didn’t say anything related to the GPUs but we are hoping for announcement soon.

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