Batman Arkham Knight’s release on PC was infuriating, the game was heavily bugged and suffered from a ridiculous performance; this is mainly because the game was developed by Iron Galaxy Studios who had a team of 12 people. Rocksteady issued a statement that the team is working relentlessly to improve the performance of the game on the PC and resolve all the bugs and now it seems that the company was after all speaking the truth. The first patch for Batman Arkham Knight is now rolling out, though the patch only comes at a 67 megabytes, it does resolve some of the known issues of the game.

The changelog is as follows:

  • Motion blur can be disabled.
  • Users can verify the game on Steam without the need of downloading the entire game.
  • Fixes the bug that disables rain and ambient occlusion.
  • Fixed random crashes.

Apparently, these are all the fixes that are being offered right now, but as Rocksteady is discussing on their forums, there will be more patches in the coming days for Arkham Knight. Stay tuned for more.

The game is now available for PS4 and Xbox One


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