Remember the time when Sony announced the Xperia Z4? Well, the phone was announced in Japan as Sony Xperia Z4, however, the company did announce that they will be releasing the phone in international markets as Xperia Z3+, but no release date was given. Well, for those who were waiting for the phone, there is a good news, you can now buy the phone starting today as Sony is now rolling out the Xperia Z3+ in international markets.

Xperia z3+

For those who don’t know, the phone is already available in Japan as Xperia Z4 and in UK where it is being sold for £500 and it is up for pre-orders in some of the countries. If you are considering buying the phone, you should keep in mind that the phone is suffering from overheating issues since it is using Qualcomm’s infamous Snapdragon 810, Sony did issue a statement promising that they will fix this issue in near future via an update but so far we are not sure how credible the promises are. 

Are you one of the owners of Sony’s Xperia Z4? Let us know your thoughts.


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