Seems like Rocksteady didn’t forget about the fact that Batman Arkham Knight on PC is severely plagued with several issues. We recently reported that the sales of the game have been suspended for an unknown period, not to forget that the PC version of the game was developed by a team of 12 people and some minor studio called Iron Galaxy Studios.

Sefton Hill, the director of Arkham Knight took to Twitter and announced that he totally supports the suspension of game sales, he also went on saying that the team is  [highlight type=red] ‘working like crazy’ [/highlight]. Check out the tweet below.

Apart from Rocksteady, Nvidia is also working to improve the performance, while they did say that the issues don’t have have anything to do with the GPUs, they are still working with the game. We don’t have any confirmed date on when the game will be available to the consumers again. We’ll keep you posted about as soon as there is more news regarding the game.

Batman Arkham Knight is available on PS4 and Xbox One.



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