Seems like the controversies surrounding the PC version of Batman Arkham Knight are never ending. The game is suffering from poor performance on both AMD and Nvidia. Apart from that, the game is also locked on 30 frames, apparently, there is a fix available for that but it isn’t really ideal considering the game barely manages to run at 30 frames per second. This created an outrage in all the PC community, the game now stands at at terrible rating on Steam and user reviews are mostly negative.

Rocksteady did issue a statement related to an issue and told the gamers that they are currently working on providing a fix but we are not given an exact date regarding the patch or the fix in concern. In a recent research done by some users on Reddit, it has brought to our attention that the team that was handling the PC version of Batman Arkham Knight comprised of 12 people only and the studio is called Iron Galaxy Studio. This was revealed in the credits of Batman Arkham Knight. Checkout the screen shot below.


We will keep you posted on more news about Batman Arkham Knight and regarding any possible way to fix the atrocious performance issues on PC. Stay tuned for more.

Batman Arkham Knight is out on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.



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