Witcher 3 is quite simply a modder’s heaven. This is probably because CDPR made sure that the game supports modding all across the world of Witcher 3. The mod in concern today is known as W3 Evolved that offers extreme visual overhaul. This is done thanks to reshading framework. The mod comes with 3 different presets that target 3 different types of rigs. Low end, mid end and high end. You can read small description of all the three presets that are available for download.

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  • Full Blast: This mod is for those who are using extremely powerful rigs. Do keep in mind that the fps hit is above 10 frames per second. Only use this mod if you are running powerhouses for rigs.
  • Just Right: This mod is for the people who have rigs powerful enough to play the game on max settings. As the name suggests, this mod is perfectly balanced and the frame-rit hit isn’t too much.
  • Play Time: This mod is for anyone who is able to run the game regardless of the settings they play on, frame-rate hit is minimal on this one.


How To Install 

  1. Download your preferred preset from here.
  2. Extract the archive you downloaded and copy all the files to The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt\bin\x64
  3. Play the game.

That’s all. Do keep in mind that you can’t use all 3 mods at the same time and in case you need to delete the mod, simply delete all the files you copied earlier.



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