Triss Merigold is several of the recurring characters in Witcher 3. She’s been around since the original Witcher came out and ever since then her looks evolved a lot. Witcher 3 allowed several alternative looks for Triss as well as others character, some of them even allowed the users to pour out their own imaginations into the game. The latest mod we are talking about will change Triss’ appearance into a rather gorgeous looking one.


How To Install

  1. Download the mod from here. Extract it in anywhere you want.
  2. Download and install the Alternative Look for Triss DLC.
  3. Make sure you back up the original blob.bundle that can be found in; “The Witcher 3\DLC\DLC6\content\bundles\blob.bundle”.
  4. Copy the blob.bundle you extracted in the first step and paste it to “The Witcher 3\DLC\DLC6\content\bundles (overwrite if asked)

That’s all, you have successfully modded Triss’ look. In case you want to revert, simply copy the blog.bundle file you backed up and paste it in the same folder.



  1. This isn’t a mod. This is the new outfit for her on ps4. And xone? It came out last week. Unless pc doesn’t get it.

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