Bethesda finally unveiled more details on the much awaited Fallout 4 at E3. After the game was revealed earlier this month a lot of questions were raised regarding the details and the release date of the game. Well luckily, Bethesda has finally provided the release date of Fallout 4 and it seems like you’ll be getting your hands on it in just 6 months. Yes, the game is releasing on PC, PS4 and Xbox One on November 10, 2015.

Betheda showed off two hefty gameplay trailers as well; check them out below.

Bethesda also graced us with a lot of screen shots, check them out below.

Fallout4_E3_Behemoth_1434323954.0 Fallout4_E3_CityVista_1434323956.0 Fallout4_E3_Codsworth1_1434323959.0 Fallout4_E3_Codsworth2_1434323962.0 Fallout4_E3_FaceCreation1_1434323965.0 Fallout4_E3_FaceCreation2_1434323967.0 Fallout4_E3_FaceCreation3_1434323969.0 Fallout4_E3_Fatman_1434323972.0 Fallout4_E3_GarageRun_1434323977.0 Fallout4_E3_Jetpack_1434323980.0 Fallout4_E3_LaserMod_1434323981.0 Fallout4_E3_Musket1_1434323984.0 Fallout4_E3_PAMod_1434323987.0 Fallout4_E3_PipBoy_1434323990.0 Fallout4_E3_PipEdition_1434323994.0


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