It was roughly seven years ago when I first got my hands on the Witcher: Enhanced Edition, released almost a year after the original Witcher. I still remember the excitement running through when I read the game description. Needless to say, I was hooked without even playing it. When I reminisce about the day I played it, I think about the dark, gloomy tone of the Witcher, I was thoroughly shocked, mainly because the first proper role playing game I was playing was quite dark as compared to what I’ve seen in the past. The dialogues were quite mature and I loved how Geralt had 3 distinct fighting styles each for a specific type of enemy and each with its own combos. Needless to say; I was hooked.

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3 years later, in 2011, the Polish developer CDPR released Witcher 2: Assassins of the Kings and completely changed the history of role-playing games for me. I still remember sifting through my old files in order to find the save files from the original Witcher and import them in what, I believe, was a gaming miracle. Assassins of the Kings was based on everything the original Witcher had built and introduced even more marvelous facets. The 2nd installment featured the same world filled with doom and gloom, however, everything was larger than it was. Geralt along with other characters got an insane overhaul, visuals were groundbreaking and the game actually looked something with an extremely high budget.

The studio made sure that everything about Witcher 2 is different as compared to its predecessor yet maintains the feel of the original game, the combat got massive change and was turned into a complete hack and slash as compared to the previous Witcher in which you had to use the mouse to click once and do some more clicks in order to land the perfect blows. The 3 fighting styles of the original Witcher were also removed and the game incorporated a universal fighting styles that was for all sorts of foes. Assassins of the Kings also improved on the signs heavily and made them look shiny and extremely powerful, not to forget the execution animations were twice as brutal.

Speaking of Witcher 2, the game offered a very interesting political story that was filled with magic, witches, monsters and civilisations and different factions. One of the best thing about Witcher 2 was multiple story-lines that ensured a higher playable value. I still remember how I played the game thrice to make sure I get every single detail in the game, it was that massive. Ending Witcher 2 left me with a desire that was very hard to control. Throughout the duration, I played several roleplaying games like Skyrim and Dragon Age but for some reason, nothing could capture the feeling that was given away by Witcher 2.


Luckily, CPDR announced that the studio is working on the the Witcher 3 back in 2013. The moment the game was announced, I was pretty sure that this is going to be huge. Why? Well, first of all, CDPR is one of the very few developers that still consider the fact that gaming is an art and not a business. After 2 years of wait, the game finally arrived on May 19th on PC, PS4, Xbox One. The game quickly caught a lot of hype and was considered one of the best roleplaying games of the decade. But the question is; is it the best roleplaying game of the decade? Yes, the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is everything its predecessor was and everything that other roleplaying games fail to be. It’s dark, it’s twisted, and it offers everything a true, hardcore RPG lover craves. The game received rave reviews from critics around the world and proved that despite having a small budget ($15 million) the game is still one of the top contenders for the prestigious Game of The Year award.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is bigger and better than all the roleplaying games I’ve played recently; that includes the highly ambitious Dragon Age: Inquisition from BioWare as well as games like Dark Souls II. The combat is fantastic and the game offers absolutely jaw dropping visuals powered by some of the finest hardware features provided by Nvidia. Witcher 3 follows a darker story as compared to the predecessor, the game is said to have a bigger, more interactive world than Skyrim which is still one of the most played games. So, is Witcher 3 a strong enough contender for Game of the Year? Yes, it is. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is clearly on the top in my list of the best RPG games I’ve played in the last decade.




  1. Agreed. I love every single Witcher game. They all had amazing Stories.. and they all got better with each iteration.. I feel like this one is fantastic.. I have beaten the game though.. I completed almost all the side quests except the Treasure Hunts.. because I don’t really care for the Treasure hunt Quests.. Especially since I got over 20k gold and need nothing more.. Can’t wait until the expansions come out! Hopefully they start making more and more quests in the DLC.. because I want a bunch more! LOL (I honestly think they could give me 3-5 new monster contracts a week and I would play this game indefinitely..)

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