After the amazing Real Graphical Suite that we covered a few days ago, we have another graphical overhaul for Witcher 3. This time the mod is called Uber Fidelity Suite and comes with 2 presets; cinematic and realistic. The only actual difference between both of these presets is the exclusion gauss sharpen filter from the cinematic preset. The rest of the stuff is pretty much the same.

Below is list of some of the enhancements that are included in the game

  • DARK Nights with a lovely lush glow to the light glowing from the Moon.
  • SUPER DARK Rainy & Stormy Nights for intense immersion.
  • Accurate colors and contrasting.
  • Cinematic Gauss Blur, Ambient Light, & Bloom effects without the strong over exaggerated effect that other profiles tend to use.
  • Immersive Dark Dungeons/Interiors with Gorgeous lighting.
  • No Over saturation or Under saturation to be found.
  • No BLUE tint to the world

Another great thing about this mod is that the FPS hit is minimal; 5 to 7 frames. Check out the screen shots below from both the realistic and cinematic preset.






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Now coming to the installation process which is fairly simple.

  1. Download the files from here.
  2. Extract either of the mods (realistic or cinematic) in The Witcher 3 Wildhunt\bin\x64
  3. Go to My Documents and find Witcher 3 folder and open user.settings and add the following lines below


  4. After you are done, edit the following lines:

    TextureMipBias from -1 to -0.7 (To Remove Shimmering)
    Gamma: from 1 to 1.36 (If you want the game brighter, set 1.4-1.5 . Not Recommended to set lower than 1.3)