When Witcher 3 was originally revealed back on the E3 2014, the game looked spectacular. However, upon the release, the game was subjected to major downgrade. This caused an outrage among the fans specially among the PC community as they felt that they have been robbed off something they actually deserved. Apparently, the downgrade took place across all the platforms. However, there’s good news for PC gamers as they can get the old visuals back by doing a little tinkering with the game.

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This mod comes with three different presets; the Real E3 2014 Look, Real Dark/Medieval Look and Real VGX Look.

  • Real E3 2014 Look: This preset is for people who are looking to achieve the visuals that were shown in the E3 2014 reveal.

    Real E3 2014 Look
    Real E3 2014 Look
  • Real Dark/Medieval Look: This preset is for people who are looking forward to achieve the dark or medieval look. The preset gives the users a grittier, darker atmosphere with faded colours.
    Real Dark/Medieval Look
    Real Dark/Medieval Look

    Real VGX Look: This preset is for people who want cold-white preset that was shown in the Sword of Destiny trailer. Do keep in mind that if you are going to use this preset; use it under the warm (6500k) preset as using it on a colder preset can make everything look a little too blue.

How To Install

Installation is fairly straightforward; simply extract the archive and copy all the files from your preferred preset and paste it to “The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt\bin\x64″. Just make sure you’re not using any other mods like SweetFX.

Download the mod from here.

Install the mod and let us know in the comments.


  1. Too many people claim to have found the way to get e3 graphics back, and all failed, this one too…seriously that is not even closer the e3…stop claiming the impossible for god’s sake

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