A few days ago we brought you a tweak that helps increasing the frame-rate on AMD GPUs. We now have another tweak for you guys that will improve the performance on Nvidia GPUs as well (Kepler and Maxwell) to be precises. The best thing about this tweak is that you don’t really have to install or copy any file. All you need to do is delete a simple file and everything will be good. To know how to tweak your Witcher 3, follow the simple steps below.

Head to the folder where your game is installed and rename the file named APEX_ClothingGPU_x64.dll and then run the game. You will get to see a huge difference in the performance of. Do keep in mind that this is only applicable at GPUs that are based on Kepler and Maxwell GPUs. In case you run into any


  1. So what the hell does it do this file. Why would anyone just delete a file because someone said so.
    What would I lose in doing this? Cloth-physics?

    Seriously idiotic not having an explanation.

  2. This removes PhysX from water, cloth, and smoke. Plus, anyone who suggests that you delete a game file is an absolute idiot. If you want to try it, just rename the file APEX_ClothingGPU_x64.dll.old so you can revert back without having to reinstall the game.


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