Witcher 3 is certainly the best game I have played this year, and playing it on PC makes it even better considering the amount of mods that are available on the PC version. The mod we are going to talk about is called Dark Witcher Mod. The mod is built to give you the highest possible visuals without having any drastic impacts on the performance. Do keep in mind that the mod is made specifically for 4K setups and there are chances that you won’t notice much difference in lower setups.

Checkout the entire list of all the additions and changes of the mod below:

  • 1080p version have AA enabled
  • Disabled motion blur, vignette, dof (gameplay), c.a., in game AA
  • Enhanced smooth shadow (more realistic and better performance)
  • Locked control scheme to pad (can be changed)
  • Sweetfx profile for better dark colors (i modified the “ss v1.1 profile” that i like, credit to him!)
  • Enhanced view (better compromise in performance and quality)
  • Better grass (and performance)
  • Textures filtering optimized
  • Almost no pop in in every area i tested (some remain but i think is the game engine
  • Balanced npc
  • Better controller sensivity
  • Performance hairwork only on Geralt

Installation Method

  1. Start the game and make sure there are no mods installed.
  2. Let the game pick up default settings.
  3. Calibrate the settings of the game.
  4. Make a backup copy of the configuration of your game, it is stored in “The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt/bin/” by the name of ‘Config’.
  5. Now copy the folder named ‘Config’ you downloaded and overwrite if prompted.
  6.  After that, copy the folder named “x64” to your “bin” folder.
  7. Lastly, copy “user.settings” in the folder ‘The Witcher 3’ that can be found in ‘Documents’ and overwrite.

In case you want to delete the mod, simply delete the “user.config” so the game can regenerate it again when launched again.

You can download the mod by heading here.



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