The WItcher 3 Wild Hunt is an impressive video game and there’s been some major improvements in the video in the last few weeks, thanks to the modders community. Recently, a modder Rudy82 launched a new mod for the game and is titled, Perfect Vision. The Perfect Vision Sweet FX shows a lot of improvements over the other Sweet FX mods. This mod improves:

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  • HDR
  • SMAA
  •  Cineon DPX
  • FXAA
  • BLUR
  • LENS

If you are ready to test this mod on Witcher 3 then all you have to do is to follow the steps below:

First you need to download the Perfect Vision Mod for Witcher 3.

Once download, run the reshade setup

Now, place the files in /the witcher 3/bin/x64

Once done. Run the game.

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You can also check the demonstration video which shows the overall changes this mod makes:

Here are the screenshots of Perfect Vision mod applied on Witcher 3 Wild Hunt:

witcher 3- perfect vision-1witcher 3- perfect vision-2