2K Games and Firaxis Games announced XCOM 2 today, which is the sequel of the popular title XCOM: Enemy Unknown. The game is currently in development and will release somewhere in November this year. The game port will also arrive in MAC and Linux, but there’s no announcement regarding the console version.

Here’s what 2K Games explain about XCOM 2:

In XCOM 2, the roles have been reversed, and XCOM is now the invading force. They are hampered by limited resources and must constantly evade the alien threat in their new mobile headquarters. Players must use a combination of firepower and stealth-like tactics to help XCOM recruit soldiers and build a resistance network, while attempting to expose the evil alien agenda and save humanity. XCOM 2 will introduce gameplay features such as procedurally-generated levels, which will make each experience unique to the player, as well as offer a much deeper level of modding support. Additionally, XCOM 2 will offer a variety of new content including five updated soldier classes, increased soldier customization, more alien and enemy types, evolved tactical combat.

That’s not it. 2K Games also released some screenshots of XCOM 2. You can check them out below:

xcom-2-art-announce xcom-2-screenshot-advent-captain xcom-2-screenshot-advent-trooper xcom-2-screenshot-ranger-target-hud xcom-2-screenshot-sectoid