If you are a Witcher 3 fan then you must be familiar with the annoying intro video that you have to skip every time in order to play the game. The most awkward moment is when, you are playing on a death march difficulty and each time you die you have to watch the same old stuff again and again. If you don’t want to press the space bar again and again, then we have a solution for you. Thanks to the modder community who have released a simple solution for this problem.

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They’ve released a mod that disables the intro and storybook videos. All you need to is to install the mod file from here and follow the steps.

1. Download the Mod and extract all the files. There will be three main folders in it.

  • Disable Intro Video
    Disable Storybook Video
    Disable Both

If you are annoyed with both Intro and Storybook Videos then choose “Disable Both. Otherwise, whatever you like.

Now, Place the file in The Witcher 3\content\content0\bundles
(it works for both steam and gog)

Launch the .bat file. Now it takes around 10 seconds for it to replace the videos With an empty file.

Go to: The Witcher 3\content\content0\movies\cutscenes\gamestart\bumpers
And delete or rename the file “bumpers.usm”

That’s it. The intro and Storybook videos will not bother you any more.



  1. Why would anyone do that? Combat is so boring in this game… without a story to drive you.. why would you play that?

    • because after an hour, you realize all your ‘choices’ in dialogue have the same outcome…

      you arent driving the story; simply along for the ride.

      and once youve played that actual dialogue/story once, you do not care to see the same videos of the same loading-story being played ad nauseum.

      the ‘storybook’ videos are the artistic-sketch dialogues, played during the few moments of reloading a saved game.

      aka, youve obviously never played the game.

      • Only for 60 or so hours.. Just recently decided to replay one part.. And got what you mean… But still gameplay is shit… And if you are not playing for the story why are you? Thats when it hits me.. And I droped the game. Its just.. Not a good game. Not for me anyway.

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