You are probably wondering why we are covering an awful lot of Witcher 3 these days? Well the thing is, the game is simply the best game we have seen this year and best game for ages to come. We are going to discuss a new mod today, the mod is called E3FX and as the name suggests, it helps you get E3 like VFX in the game. Installing the mod is simple; just follow the instructions below.

Download the mod from here and extract it and copy the content to where your Witcher 3.exe file is and simply run the game. In case you need to delete the mod, simply delete the following files; d3d11.dll/dxgi.dll , reshade.fx, and the Reshade folder.

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Here are some screenshots of E3FX Mod:


e3fx vs vanilla e3fx vs vanilla-1

After some nice comparison screenshots, here are some video comparisons as well:

So, what are your thoughts about this mod? Let us know in the comments.


  1. The 3rd image really reminds me of some environment from risen and gothic 2. Looks much better and belonging if you ask me, much better than cartoony vanilla.

    • and not possible on middle range gaming PC as well;) on my i7/16gb/290x skyrim barely works in 1080p with ENB and few mods. But +- 30 fps is fine for the results. Still, not many people can run this.
      And doesn’t matter as story is same, and is great, pushing graphic as secondary asset.

  2. All its doing is adjusting the colors. While I fully understand and do not care about the choices cdpr made in terms of the visuals let’s not lie to ourselves…the change was more than just colors. All this mod does is make the game more blue.


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