Ever wondered to use a grappling gun in GTA V. No? Then you can use it now. A modder with a name of JulioNIB has given something unique to the GTA V PC player. A mod that will let you connect one thing to another. Now, you can jump from Building to building or you can connect it with an automobile, a helicopter or even a plane and since parachute is very handy in GTA V, this comes with it as well.

You  can download the Grapple Gun with Parachute Mod from this website.


Here is the procedure to install this Mod:

Files Required to Download:

Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5
Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package for Visual Studio 2013 (x64)
ASI Loader + ScripthookV

This mod uses a custom version of the ScriptHookVDotNet, so, if your ScriptHookVDotNet is below or equal version 0.9 you need to use the version of ScriptHookVDotNet that goes with my mod. Now if you have a version launched after v0.9 in the oficial source, you don’t need to update 🙂

Copy all files to GTA5.exe folder (except ScriptHookVDotNet if you have version above v0.9)

You need this packages installed to use this mod (and any ScriptHookVDotNet mod):

Check the video below:


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