Witcher 3 Wild Hunt is a beautiful game and the developers  has just pushed it to the next level. The Witcher 3 has some major graphical improvements over Witcher 2 and everything is more detailed than before. But there’s a way to increase these to a whole new level. Thanks to power-play, who developed a Sweet FX Mod for Witcher 3 which change the game completely. The mod is already available for download and the installation process is pretty simple.

All you have to do is to download the Sweet FX Preset by Powerplay.

Now extract the downloaded files in Witcher Wild Hunt/bin/x64 folder.

Now, start the game and press F12 to enable the sweetFX preset.

Here are the comparison Screenshots between the original and SweetFX Preset by PowerPlay.
witcher3-1 witcher3fx-1

witcher3-2 witcher3fx-2
witcher3-3 witcher3fx-3







There are other mods out there as well which helps you to remove Geralt’s Weight Limit and Optimising the Hairworks performance on AMD GPUs and a lot more.


  1. They kind of just added blur and contrast, but that basically fixed the washed-outness of the lowered draw distance and made the trees seem more believable.

    How big of a performance hit does the game take with these post-processing things enabled?

    • That’s the main question I been lookn for since I first found out about it a day ago. Also how will this interact with the early stability patches, I don’t want to load it until I have more insight, but I do want it bad..lol!!!

      • Perfomance hit wise Sweetfx basically 90% of time takes none and in worst case takes 2 frames from what I have experienced.
        Sweetfx does nothing to game files, think of it like post-processing of TV but cooler.

        • Thanks ,just got back from the beach been itching to play all day,I am about to load it right now…Thanks once again!!!!

  2. Why don’t you make your image silders 240p in resolution instead? I mean it’s already so damn small… right?


      • lol I did not realize I typed it that way, but yeah, “SweetFX” doesn’t change anything..and I don’t understand why people are so crazy about it.


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