The Witcher Wild Hunt allow players to change Geralt’s look by cutting his hair or get it beard trimmed. This can be done by visiting the Barber in the game. CD Projekt Red recently released a free DLC which you will get if you own the full game which add new hair styles in the game which you can only use by visiting the barber. Many Witcher 3 gamers are finding it difficult to locate all the hairs and beard styles in the game so we have listed all the locations and styles. You can locate the Barber in Velen, No Man’s Land and many other locations. For more precise location of the Barber you can check the map below which gives you a clear idea.

thewitcher3-beard-dlc-location-11 thewitcher3-beard-dlc-location-12

Here are all the hair and beard styles that you will get in the game:

the-witcher-3-hair-beard-style-screen-1 the-witcher-3-hair-beard-style-screen-2 the-witcher-3-hair-beard-style-screen-3 (1) the-witcher-3-hair-beard-style-screen-3 the-witcher-3-hair-beard-style-screen-5 the-witcher-3-hair-beard-style-screen-6 the-witcher-3-hair-beard-style-screen-7 the-witcher-3-hair-beard-style-screen-8 the-witcher-3-hair-beard-style-screen-9

You can choose whichever style you like, it all depends on your preference. Witcher 3 Wild Hunt is already out on PS4, Xbox One and PC and You can also play as Ciri in the game. And in the end we’d like to thanks GearNuke for the tip.


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