LG G4 is an amazing phone with an amazing camera. The phone is currently being sold in some regions of the world. However, if you are waiting for the LG G4 to hit your region but you are also anxious about trying out the shipped apps of the phone, you can now do that by side-loading the apps on your LG G3. Amazing, isn’t it?

However, you will need a rooted LG G3 in order to get the apps running. Don’t worry; rooting the phone is as easy as making omelette. If you are not rooted, you can root the phone by following the guide below.

How To Root LG G3 (All Variants)

  • Download LG USB drivers from here and the root script from here.
  • Turn on the USB debugging by going to Settings > About Phone > Tapping the build number for 8 times > Go back to Settings > Developer options and turn on USB debugging.
  • Run the root script and wait for it to load; once loaded, connect your LG G3 using the micro-USB cable. You’ll be prompted something on the screen, grant the access.
  • The rooting process will hardly take a minute or two, once the rooting process is done.

Download LG G4 Ported Apps

Download the apps from the list below and extract all of them; you’ll get apks as well as libs from the packages.

How To Get LG G4 Apps on Your LG G3 

  1. Download and extract the apks you want on your computer. Copy these apps in a folder on your PC.
  2. Download any explorer on your phone that has root capabilities, the best ones are Root Explorer or ES File Explorer.
  3. Go to the folder where you have copied all the apk files and multiselect them to copy.
  4. Once copied, you’ll need to navigate to system/apps. This can be done using the Root Explorer or ES File Explorer. We’d suggest you to copy the apps one by one.
  5. Now set the permission of the apps you have copied. Make sure the permissions are rw-r–r–. In case you don’t want to do it yourself, reboot in recovery and do that by going to Advanced and Set Permissions. 
  6. Once the permission for all the apps are set; simply reboot your phone and it’ll take a moment for the phone to optimise all the apps and you’ll be done.



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