Who doesn’t know about Goat Simulator? The game which lets you play as a goat and do an awful lot of weirdly wonderful stuff. It stormed the gaming world last year and quickly got insane reception. The game is getting a new DLC in just a matter of 2 days (7th May) the new DLC is titled as GoatZ and in case you are wondering it’s the first Goat Simulator to have zombies in it.

The DLC will be coming for $4.99. Here’s an official statement from Coffee Stained Studio; developer of this wonderful game.

“Initially we were planning for the MMO expansion to be the final thing we did for Goat Simulator – we wanted to go out with a bang. But after it was launched we received an avalanche of people asking us to keep making DLC, and that they would even consider paying a couple bucks for future content. So, with that said, here you go. Zombies!”

In addition to PC, Linux and Mac, the DLC will also make its way to Android and iOS at the same price. Check out the trailer below.


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