Samsung’s Galaxy series is one of the most popular series but the popular series didn’t come perfect. The Galaxy series (all the way back to the original Galaxy). One of the most common problems that are faced in the Galaxy phones apart from screen burn ins is a problem tat ends up erasing the IMEI of your device. Back in the Galaxy S3 days, this issue was caused by the incompatibility with basebands. Sadly Samsung never really fixed this issue and the only way to overcome this was updating the baseband of the phone.

Apparently, this issue persists in Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge as well. Luckily, there’s a way to backup your EFS partition (Where the IMEI is stored). You can later restore it i you end losing it. Checkout below.


  • Rooted Galaxy S6/S6 Edge.
  • Wanam’s partition backup app.

How To Backup EFS Partition in Galaxy S6

  1. Once you have downloaded the app, launch it and grant it SuperUser/SuperSU rights.
  2. Once the application is up and running, click on the small settings button on the top and choose the format you want your EFS to be backed up in. Choose from tar or img. (Make sure to choose .img)
  3. Once you have selected, the format you want, you need to select the EFS and RADIO partition from the list.
  4. Look at the lower right and tap the small arrow; you’ll be asked for a confirmation message. Accept that and your partition will be backed up.

How To Restore EFS Partition in Galaxy S6

  1. Run the app, and click on the options button at top right.
  2. Select ‘restore partition’ and then choose the EFS and radio .img.
  3. Once you have selected both of the files, simply follow the on-screen instructions in order to restore your IMEI.
  4. That’s all, just by following few steps you have recovered your IMEI.



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