The only and best way to track your website’s performance and audience behavior is by checking the daily stats of your website. These numbers show the overall performance of your website and how many visitors you are getting from Top Tier Coutries. Google Analytics also helps you in identifying your audience behavior by giving you the complete report like the user’s average time duration and how many pages he visited. Google Analytics is one of the most used tool and is not only available for web platform but also for mobile platforms as well. Google Analytics is available on Android and iOS as well.

Being an Android user, today I will share with you the best Google Analytics Android Apps that are currently available in Android Play Store.  So, here are the top Google Android Apps available on Android.

Google Analytics:

Google Analytics is the first Android app in our list and this one is officially launched by Google. The overall layout of this app is quite similar to that of Web and it has most of the features that are available on the Web. You can track the realtime users, Geos and the device they are using.


Ganalytics is the second most popular Analytics app. It has received a lot of positive reviews and it features the material design UI and some nice improvements. Ganalytics, also shows the realtime traffic and everything but it has one big problem and that is too many ads. Some users even reported that half of the app is covered with ads only. If ads isn’t a big problem for you then you must try this app.

Google Analytics Widget Redfly:

The third but not the least is the Google Analytics Widget Redfly for Android. This one is actually good for those who like vibrant colors. The app is available on the Play Store but unfortunately It’s full of bugs which makes it totally useless sometimes.


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