EA announced on the official Dragon Age Inquisition website that the new DLC is coming for the video game and it will launch on May 5th. The new DLC is titled, Dragon Age Inquisition: Dragon Slayer and it will include some new mulitplayer stuff and will be for free. Yes, You heard it, Right. The next Dragon Age Inquisition DLC will be free of charge. The DLC will feature new agents,  an Avvar warrior from Fallow Mire known as Skywatcher, Zither! The Virtuoso. The next DLC will also feature a character who will be very familiar to those who played Dragon Age 2. The beautiful Raider Queen of the Eastern Seas Isabela will be there as well.




  1. Its extra free content, which is great.

    We should always appreciate this.

    The Witcher 3 is also making a statement with free dlc.
    Driveclub did an amazing job with post launch support. So much free content.
    pCars is also going to have free content and improvements after launch.

    Hopefully more and more devs follow

  2. Correction: Its called “Dragon Age™: Inquisition – The Black Emporium”, and its already available. Way to be on the ball there, guys.

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