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A Youtube user JDfromNY206 recently uploaded a video in which he summed up all the leaked details of WWE 2K16. According to the leaked info, WWE 2K16 will have a completely new body system. The main thing that’s really special about this body system is that the player can target specific areas of the opponent’s body and the opponent will react likewise. The video also describes the features that were missing in WWE 2K15, and which of these features will be there in the new installment.

In WWE 2K16, Player will be able to create to their very own Divas. Other than that, the feature to create your own finisher would be coming in the next installment as well. Another big change is the new stamina system and the new animations that players will have for celebrating their victories.

WWE 2K15 was recently launched on PC and would be supporting the mods in the coming days. It’s possible that the next installment will have the same case as well.

Check his uploaded video below:


    • At least. I’d like to have all the things that i had in the past WWE ames, all-in-one, i don’t really expect anything new, i just want that :c

  1. Why make a pc version when it looks exactly like the console version? the graphics are not even pushed at all for the pc side. My biggest worry is if there’s a WcW mode, how many people was WWe willing to pay to get them back with so many people who made WcW epic back then ie: Buff Bagwell, Raven, Billy Kidman, Juventud Guererra, Psychosis, La Parka, Scott Norton, Scott Steiner, Disco Inferno, Kanyon(RIP), Norman Smiley, Ernest “The Cat” Miller, Glacier, Meng, Barbarian, Conan, Lex Luger, Goldberg, Dean Malenko, ect. ect.
    And an even bigger question would be is there TIME to get former announcers to do commentary for the WcW mode: Larry zbyszko, Tony Shiavone, and Eric Bischoff. We know Bobby “The Brain” Heenan has health issues and won’t be able to assist (Good luck to him and his health). I hope WWe doesn’t go cheap with the WcW and also rumored EcW roster as well.

    • I’d love to see Larry Z, if they include backstage interviews. 🙂 He was cool. Don’t forget Curt Henning! I loved his “Rap Is Crap” song. lol

  2. WHERE IS CUSTOM SOUNDTRACKS! What’s the point in having 100 CAW slots if you can’t have custom soundtracks and WWe games only put in about 12 “original” songs that don’t belong to wrestlers and its a complete shame that CAW’s are not fully supported and they raise the replay value more than the roster that never changes.

    One thing never gets re-rendered every year: The damn pyro. Pyro has looked like copy & paste for the past 6-7 games. Fireworks, fog/smoke, flames, have all looked stale. Plus they never make effort to create NEW pyro’s or effects to use. We also need the pyro limit to go from 2 to at least 5 and more controls over when they hit and what not and how long they go for. Maybe a duration option so they can be timed with music or something.

  3. BOOOOORING!!!!!!!! So? Gamers can’t make a diva with FFF cup size breats, because the intro is to PORNOGRAPHIC? Wow, so I am going to spend close to $100 for a game THEY think is best for my pocketbook??? Did they bring back interfering in matches, especially in title matches on Career Mode and Universe mode? Nnnope. Did they make a Diva Career Mode? Nnnope Did they improve Career Mode by 75%? Nnnope. Is there backstage interviews like WWF did, for Career Mode and Universe Mode? Nnnope Did they bring back Create a Championship? Nnnope Did they bring back Create a Arena? Nnnope Did they fix the ignorant crowd screaming “what?” for no damn reason? Nnnope Did they fix the ridiculous loading time on Universe Mode? Nnnope Did they do anything to fix the ridiculous repeating commentary, that says the same thing over & over & over every match (like describing FORMER WWE superstars life history in the WWE, in an intro)? Nnnope. Did they improve the CROWD graphics, so it don’t look like a copy of the PS2 graphics? Nnnope Did they even improve the Crowd noise, so it don’t sound like an autograph signing day on NCAA cfb fan day? Nnnope Did they make it where we can injure a wrestler and take him out for 1 year, by breaking his jaw, arm, leg, etc etc? Nnnope Did they make other Wrestling Businesses to compete against (WCW, WCCW, FCW, ECW, AWA,) in Career Mode or Universe Mode? Nnnope So? They’re saying? THEIR ideas are worth your $100?? For $100? I can get damn great seats at the NCAA College Football Tournament, and it actually being worth every penny. To them? Making sure BOOBS aren’t seen on YOUR PS3 or XBOX1? Is MORE important than what YOU want to see in the game. This guy in the video? Is he replacing Ole Drunken Jim Ross on the sale dept? Because it sounded like he was making SALES PITCHES, than describing the game. To the guy in the video? If it is in the game? We the GAMERS? Expect it to be in the game!! Not what THEY feel we should buy!!! That gamers? Is known as POLITICS! $60? $70? $80? $90? $100? I wouldn’t pay $9.99 even if they had a roster of 1000. Oh on the roster? Did they actually say how many of them would be the same character? 😉 Nnnope That is what separates a GREAT GAME from a good game. GTA games? Gives the fans what they want. Read the PROFITS on GTA V? In 6 months? All over the world? It massed in over the TRILLION DOLLAR RANGE. Just by giving the fans what they want. You think these morons would pick up on that!!! Oh? As far as what this guy on the video said? It took me just 1 freaking week or less to think these ideas up. So he’s saying in 1 freaking year, they couldn’t do any better than what they did? lol I wanna correct the guy on the video. It isn’t a matter of getting it on the market fast enough. That is BS!!! For instance? They have been making THEME MODES since PS1. You’re telling me for that long ago till now, they couldn’t do better? LMAO/ROTF What they see is $$$$$$$$$ But don’t want to break a sweat doing it. Kind of like that Saints Row 4: Gat Out Of Hell. More like Crap Out Of Hell. They did exactly what WWE 2K game developers are doing. A hurry up job, and expect gamers to rush in and be happy with the CRAP they make. That is known as “LACK OF CREATIVITY” To put it to you better? If Rockstar Games announced they were making the next WWE game? How much do you think the sales would go up by? They couldn’t make the game fast enough. WHY? Because Rockstar Games put a lot of work into what they make, and ALWAYS catches the GAMERS eyes, just by giving the GAMERS what they want. I’ll RENT the next game, but I won’t buy it. Because the game will NOT BE what it is worth. Renting WWE2K16 for PS3 or XBOX1 for $4? Is still too high of a price tag, in my books.

  4. 2k15 editor was pure garbage and a step back from even the 2k14 entry. Until they give back all of the editor opyions they left out last time i will not buy another of these tihngs

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