Good news for all the Sony fans who have been waiting to get their hands on Xposed on Lollipop. Until today; Xposed wasn’t working on devices. However, tables have turned now. If you want to get Xposed working on your phone, you can download the Xposed Alpha 4 from the links below and read the instructions on how to install the Xposed. Do keep in mind that it is still in Alpha stage and there are likely a lot of bugs and several modules aren’t working.

Head over to this link and download the needed files. The latest Xposed Alpha 4 goes by the number alpha4 (20150430). Below is the description to all the fixes in this Alpha 4 release. Do keep in mind that the latest release doesn’t work on Android 5.1.

It fixes bootloops and crashes on some ROMs, especially on Sony devices. In the logs, there used to be “Too many open files” errors.

To check out which modules are working on Xposed for Lollipop, follow this guide.



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