Sony recently revealed the Xperia Z4, Despite having flagship level specs, the phone managed to get an awful lot of bashing from people all around the world. But did anyone actually care to know why? Here’s the answer; the reason Xpera Z4 managed to get flamed is very simple yet quite stupid. What is it? No major enhancement. Okay, okay, I get it that you guys are used to the idea of ‘iNNOVATION’, but hold your horses for a moment, blow off some steam and take a look at Xperia Z4… what do you see? A smartphone that has top tier specifications on expense of what? A similar design?

Xperia Z4

A famous saying goes. ‘if it ain’t broke; don’t fix it’. That’s exactly the mentality Sony has been following ever since the Xperia Z1 debuted. Xperia Z1 was a major bump from Xperia Z. Sony waited 6 months and released Xperia Z2 with a better camera sensor, improved battery as well as overall aesthetics. Was there anything wrong with Xperia Z2? Not really. Soon after the Xperia Z2 Sony released Xperia Z3 with improved camera sensor, new screen technology, lower weight and overall better ergonomics. At this point it was fairly certain that Sony is trying to improve on the past mistakes and the experiments were successful. However, when the Z4 was announced, the internet went crazy. Let me ask you why? When this method has been used by the likes of Apple and HTC for quite some time. I didn’t see internet going crazy back then.

xperia z4

Xperia Z4 is a definitive upgrade over the Z3. How? You are getting a 64 bit octa-core processor as compared to a 32 bit quad-core processor; You’re also getting a better IP certification as well as flapless design; and if you are not aware, the 20.7 megapixel camera sensor that’s been here since Xperia Z1 is getting consistent upgrades and getting better and better each time. So where’s the fuss? The actual problem lies with the design, users are getting tired of Sony’s design which in my opinion is great. Like stated previously, “if it ain’t broke; don’t fix it,”

Did Sony Xperia Z4 disappoint me? No. Why didn’t it disappoint me? Let’s be honest, the phone comes with top of the line specifications and a tried and tested design language which, in my opinion, improved is perfectly alright. As for Sony deciding to go with a 1080p screen, swear upon all the technology you own; do you see any difference between a QHD screen and a FHD screen on 5 or even 5.7 inches screen? No. The difference isn’t noticeable, at least not through a human eye.



  1. Very good opinion. I might buy an xperia phone on my bday. Can’t decide whether a Z3 compact or Z4.

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