Okay, okay, we get it. The Galaxy S6 came out only recently but hope is not a bad thing, right? Well, at least not in the tech word. The Galaxy S6 proved to be a success mainly because this was Samsung’s first step in top-tier smart-phone market, The company fired on all fours and provided a device that was both incredibly fast and extremely stunning. This on the expense of small changes. For starters, you won’t be getting the micro SD card slot, removable battery or IP certification. If you can sacrifice these factors; there’s a beautiful AMOLED, QHD screen waiting for you, snappier performance, stunning design and incredible camera.

Before people start hitting us for wanting too much Do keep in mind that the Galaxy S7 is something that will happen, and it will happen so it can go against Apple’s next iPhone. But what will the phone bring on table which is almost loaded with impressive spec sheet. Let’s take a look at what we want from the Samsung Galaxy S7.

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Better Processor

Yes, the Samsung Galaxy S6 is packing the fastest processor in the market but that doesn’t mean it’ll be outrun soon enough. I personally wished that Samsung should have opted for Snapdragon instead of in-house Exynos.processor. However, we are still hoping that Samsung decides to go with the upcoming Snapdragon 820 or a faster one.

Flexible Design

Let’s admit it, we’ve all been wanting to have a phone that comes with a flexible body. Samsung did show us some really impressive flexible screens a few years ago but sadly we never got to see them in actual smartphones. Whatever the case, considering how the Galaxy S6 Edge has a dual curved screen, we’ll hopefully see a flexible or foldable design in the Galaxy S7.


Improved Battery

I still remember the day where I was blown away by the battery endurance of my Galaxy S III. Then came the Galaxy S4 and S5. With each upgrade, endurance kept improving. However, the Galaxy S6 tends to have a disappointing battery. We’re not sure if it is because of the QHD screen OR the powerhouse processor but 2,550 mAh battery doesn’t seem ample enough considering how the Galaxy S5 had a hefty 2,800 mAh battery.

Pixels Do Matter

Pixels don’t really matter but let’s just admit it, would you rather have a phone with 8 mega pixel camera or the phone with 20 mega pixel camera? The Galaxy S6 ships with an incredible camera, there’s a 16 mega pixel shooter on the back and a 5 mega pixel shooter on the front. However, to make things more interesting, we are hoping that the Galaxy S7 uses at least a 20 mega pixel unit to up the game.

Better Screen(?)

Let’s talk facts, the Galaxy S series is known to have brilliant, incredibly detailed screens. The screen on the Galaxy S6 is absolutely stunning but considering how the rumours are suggesting that Samsung will be releasing Note 5 with 4k screen. We are hoping that the screen carries down to the Galaxy S7 as well. Surely, 4k on a small screen won’t make much difference on a smaller screen but where’s the harm in wishing?


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